Gastronomy & Culinary Consulting

Word-of-mouth recommendation is still the best propaganda!

Would you – as an entrepreneur in the hotel business, gastronomy or café – like to generate a better turnover and more satisfied regular guests?!
Are communication problems with your team a daily occurrence?!
Do your menu card and your dishes require a modernisation in all aspects?!

Are you looking for a professional who talks to your head chef on an equal footing, becomes acquainted with the processes and implements your interests in a timely manner, before it’s too late?!

Experience shows that head chefs often create and serve dishes which are perceived and experienced by the guest in a quite different way from what you had wished.

However, nowadays every dish offers a great chance for a really good marketing. Dishes which are interpreted in a modern, seasonal way are attractive and delicious. An appealing menu card is inspiring. You can actively do something to ensure that your guest experiences and perceives your cuisine and your dishes in a culinary way, just as you wish.

Structure of the gastronomy & culinary consulting

With specific questions and individual modules I offer you a customized consulting concept which is explicitly geared to the respective requirements. I attach great importance to a close and trustful partnership as a basis for a long-term business success.

I come to your premises and check your kitchen in every detail. As an external observer I have a completely different perception of your kitchen with all the senses. Then I will sensitise your kitchen and service team by means of intensive trainings in any sphere of senses, flavours and textures. I will talk with your head chef at eye level and will support the interests of your business. Furthermore I will provide you – as my partners – from time to time with new event ideas and state-of-the-art knowledge.

Even if you wish to reach the star gastronomy level, I will assist you with a flexible module system. According to your needs and your focus I will give you an individual, holistic and professional support in your gastronomic field of work.

Our service portfolio at your location

Theoretical part of the culinary consulting
  • Analysis of the sources of problems
  • Creation of an integrated food concept with the philosophy of your restaurant/hotel/café, setting your house apart from your competitors
  • Joint development of a modern, contemporary culinary concept
  • Provision of recipes and sources of supply
  • Success control (cost of goods, monitoring of energy costs, guest service)
  • Development of a breakfast buffet in accordance with a modern nutrition
  • Writing and design of the menu
  • Assistance with the recruitment of cooks and service staff
  • Consulting regarding new investments around the kitchen

Practical part of the culinary consulting

  • Active support in important areas of the newly developed day-to-day business
  • Assistance with the implementation in the kitchen and with the service team
  • Demonstration and implementation of new profitable cooking techniques and recipes
  • Preparation and decoration training
  • Attractive buffet design
  • Optimisation of the workflows
  • Staff training and planning
  • Active generation of revenues in the patisserie sector
  • Support with special events to increase sales